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Our Philosophy

​At Parker River Tutoring, we focus on efficient learning strategies to help your student find success. It is often not the quantity of sessions but the quality of instruction that equals success.


Our goal is to create peace and harmony between you and your student as anxiety and difficulties surrounding learning dissipate.

As a tutoring company, we are different because we offer not only personalized instruction for your student but also the support of our qualified team. Our team comes with a range of experience in education, with different learning abilities, as well as a proven success record. The team approach invites tutors and staff to collaborate on behalf of your student to maximize the support provided to both the student and the tutor. ​​​

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What is a team approach?

At Parker River Tutoring, we focus on helping your student from several different angles. In addition to the one-on-one tutor who meets with your student, our staff collaborates behind the scenes in order to most effectively address all areas of need. The collaboration between all at Parker River Tutoring allows for the very best support for your student. While your tutor brings her own experiences, each tutor also has the supports of the Parker River Tutoring Team for new ideas and best practices for working with your individual learner. By having this kind of support, your student has access to the experience range of the entire team.

​Why One-on-One Tutoring?

The most effective teaching method is one-on-one instruction from an experienced tutor. When the focus of a session can be tailored to an individual's specific needs, it helps students meet academic goals quickly and helps boost confidence in areas where students have been struggling. The more efficiently a tutor can reach a student where he or she is at, the more quickly that student can begin to grasp concepts introduced in the classroom each day. When a student is lost on a subject area, each class session can become an anxiety provoking time where the student feels like he or she is falling further and further behind. By working with your student on the specific gap areas he or she has, the time spent in one-on-one tutoring helps turn a student around that much more quickly.

Flexible Scheduling

Students are busy, parents are busy and tutoring can be difficult to fit into weekly schedules. Through years of working with athletes, dancers, student leadership etc, we have developed an understanding that working with a student when the time truly works for you, is helpful in getting students' full attention and maximizing the time spent tutoring. We are available when you are. Oftentimes, students can't set a weekly time for tutoring and we set our schedule around what works for you. Sometimes a student needs 2 sessions one week, but needs to miss a session the next. Our flexibility also includes formulating tutoring that works best for you, whether it be a check-in via FaceTime or text, or an email to answer a question now and again that can't wait until the next session. We work with students in the evening, on weekends, and even during school vacations!

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