Academic Arch

  • Maintain Academic Skills 
  • Learn Study Skills
  • Avoid Summer Slide

​Academic Arch is a program broken out by grade levels to help students avoid summer slide and to get them to hit the ground running for fall. All programs meet twice a week, virtually, for 6 weeks. The program takes place starting the week after July 4th until about Mid-August.


  • Rising Juniors/Seniors will focus on Test Taking Approach (SAT/ACT specific) as well as zeroing in on Academic Skills review in Reading, Writing and Math.

  • Rising Sophomores/Freshman will focus on transitions to higher level work expectations. Study skills and tips for effective time management will be a main focus for this group.
  • Rising 7th/8th Graders will focus on Middle School expectations as well as effective reading strategies, writing skills (answering questions to the fullest capability) and Math Review prior to Pre/Algebra.
  • Rising 6th Graders will have practice with reading comprehension, writing for effectiveness and Math skills practice and preview of 7th grade concepts.
Study Skills

Once a core component of many school classrooms, students have not been explicitly taught study skills for many years. For each group, we will introduce students to concepts with a focus on finding the most effective study methods for them to carry into the classroom.


Review of former math concepts is key to developing and maintaining core math skills for many students. We often find students forget math concepts they once knew quite well and, by returning to these and studying them in more challenging ways, students are able to see how far they have come in math. This helps build confidence as well as fills in any gaps to learning that a student may have missed the first time around.

Verbal Skills (Reading and Writing)

Today written language is vital in every aspect of a student's education and communication. It is part of each and every class a student takes. We assist students by showing them how to formulate effective sentence structure, actively read and develop study techniques that will enable them to build upon prior concepts and ideas.

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