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Subject tutoring and academic coaching sessions occur weekly or bi-weekly for 45 minutes to an hour. While there is the ability to tutor on an as needed basis, most of our students are tutored over weekly sessions for test preparation, homework help and general tutoring needs. For some students, working bi-weekly to begin, and then moving to one time a week is the best strategy for a catching a student up to his/her peers in the classroom. For others, weekly sessions, from the start, can maintain the goal the student has set.

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How does Parker River Tutoring work?

Yes! Standardized Test Prep tutoring is slightly different. We recommend a test prep book for you to order and ask your student to complete one full test prior to the first session. Each session will be spent going over test questions, formulating a strategy and scoring the practice tests. There is an expectation that students will continue to work on assigned practice questions between sessions.

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Does Test Prep work differently than General Tutoring? 
How do we get started?

We usually start with a phone conversation to determine the needs of your student, current concerns and weekly scheduling commitments. From there, we can either schedule a face-to-face meeting or the first tutoring session. Sessions can happen in a wide variety of places such as your home, place of business, or public library.

As a general guideline, the grade levels of most students fall between 6th to 12th grade. There are always exceptions to that such as younger children who may need coaching or older students struggling in college level courses. Message us or call to discuss your individual student's needs.

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I see you work with Grades 6 to 12, but can you work with my 5th grader?
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Absolutely! All students are different. Some work best alone in a one-to-one setting and others feel more comfortable on day 1, if they have a friend working alongside them.  Some benefits of small group tutoring include: students cueing each other's memory of areas of struggle or approaches to problems taken by the classroom teacher, students reinforcing with each other tutoring concepts outside of sessions, and students relaying information to each other during sessions.

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My child would feel more comfortable tutoring with a friend, could we schedule a semi-private tutoring session?
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