Subject Tutoring

  • Build Confidence 
  • Fill in gaps in learning
  • Review Core Skills
  • Gain Understanding 

​We work with students of all ages on many different subjects. Our tailored approach includes evaluating your student to match both needs and duration of tutoring. While some students need continual weekly help in a subject in which they are struggling, others may need a few sessions to catch up or regain footing in a subject in which they are usually strong.

Students need to be comfortable and confident in their skills in order to continue to understand more complicated concepts.  Gaps in learning can start a cycle of students feeling like they are guessing at questions and sometimes getting them right but sometimes wrong. Working with our qualified professional tutors helps get them back on their feet, feeling confident and starts them understanding and learning each day in the classroom.


Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Mathematical Concepts, Statistics


Math classes build a foundation from year to year and if a student falls behind, often they begin to feel like they are drowning in concepts. We work with students in weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help identify and fill in any gaps of learning that a student may have. 


General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology

Many scientific ideas and concepts are mastered through effective study habits. We help students organize information in order to develop proficiency and relate material from one chapter to the next. 


Middle and High School: Vocabulary, Essay Writing, Reading Comprehension

Today written language is vital in every aspect of a student's education and communication. It is part of each and every class a student takes. We assist students by showing them how how to formulate effective sentence structure, actively read and develop study techniques that will enable them to build upon prior concepts and ideas.


Geography, World, American, European, Social Studies

History requires reading comprehension and active study methods in order to grasp and retain important dates, places and names.  We support students by teaching them techniques and skills in order to excel in History.

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