Behind Parker River Tutoring


We are a tutoring agency founded and run by tutors and teachers.

One-on-One Tutoring session with Parker River Tutoring in Topsfield, MA

When a student is having trouble in a subject area, attending class becomes an anxiety-provoking experience.

The tutors and teachers at Parker River Tutoring can help. We will tailor a plan for your student’s specific needs help them meet their academic goals while boosting their confidence and reducing anxiety-provoking experiences.

Subject areas include math, science, ELA, and history. See services for our full offering.

The Parker River Tutoring group session can be the ideal solution when students just need a refresher or are preparing for SATs or similar tests before the new school year begins. Our tutors and teachers teach in a collaborative setting with peers to provide your student with personalized attention, but they also have the benefit of a network when studying outside of a session.

Group sessions and boot camps available for SAT/ ACT/ MTEL prep, Algebra, study skills, and more. See Group Programs for our full offering.

You are busy. Your student is busy. Life is busy. We get it!

With over 20 years of working with athletes, dancers, band members, student leaders, and more, Parker River Tutoring has perfected the art of timing and scheduling tutoring sessions. This means your student’s sessions happen during a time that truly works for everyone, maximizes the time spent, and helps your student maintain their focus.

Popular solutions include:

  • After School, Evenings, Weekends
  • School Vacations
  • In-Person or Virtual
Sessions can be a set schedule, week-to-week scheduling, or drop-in sessions and always include text, FaceTime, and email check-ins for status updates and questions.

Parker River tutors come from a range of backgrounds including teaching at all levels from elementary school through college, the business world, career advising and law.

Having this wide range of experience allows our tutors to provide the most effective learning approach based on your student’s needs.

Meagan Sousa, Founder & CEO of Parker River Tutoring on a couch reading to keep her skills up so she can continue to be the best tutor for your academically challenged or neurodivergent student.


In January of 2010, with over 15 years of one-on-one tutoring experience and 12 years working with middle and high school students in out-of-school education, Meagan Sousa launched Parker River Tutoring.

As a mother of two neurodivergent children, Meagan understands that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. Her mission for Parker River Tutoring is to provide a safe place for kids to learn, build their confidence, and take the stress out of learning, whether at-home or in the classroom.

Meagan Sousa holds a B.S. from Columbia University School of Engineering and a Masters of Education from Endicott College. This combination makes her an exceptional asset in education and tutoring. Meagan’s engineering background has instilled a problem solving mentality in her that she uses to understand what student’s aren’t grasping when learning. This unique skill set makes her an exceptional tutor and a phenomenal math tutor.

She has worked with students from all over the North Shore to help them succeed academically. Her areas of expertise include mathematics, academic coaching/study skills, SAT/ACT, science, High School entrance exams, MCAS, and MTEL.

Meagan created and oversaw a peer tutoring program at a local youth development agency. She has been an asset to tutoring agencies, the YMCA, and Girls Inc. of Lynn. Meagan Sousa continues to work daily towards her goal of creating peace and harmony in learning for students, parents, and schools through tutoring.

Meagan Sousa, Founder and CEO of Parker River Tutoring with her morning coffee before running her summer workshops on SAT prep, Algebra, and Study Skills to help your student advance their academic standing in the upcoming school year.
Parker River Tutor standing at desk in the office at 58 Main Street in Topsfield, MA ready to teach a group SAT prep session.

Meet The Team


Our team comes with a range of experience in education, with different learning abilities, as well as proven success records. Areas of expertise include mathematics, science, ELA, study skills, SAT/ACT, SAT subject tests, High School entrance exams, MCAS, + MTEL for grades 6 to college.

While each tutor brings their own experiences, every tutor also has the support of the Parker River Tutoring Team bringing new ideas and best practices when working with your individual learner. By having this kind of support, your student has access to the combined experience of the entire team, ensuring they recieve the most effective support possible.

Tutoring student at Parker River Tutoring on computer using her new skills to study and improve her academic standing.


We work with students of all ages on many different subjects. Our team of tutors and teachers will customize a plan to your student’s needs.