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Parker River Tutoring is an agency founded and run by tutors and teachers. Our team approach to problem solving creates success for your student.

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  • Gaps in learning can start a cycle where a student feels they are guessing at questions; sometimes getting them right but sometimes wrong. Working with our qualified professional tutors fills those gaps and gets your student back on track. This leads to them feeling confident, understanding various concepts, and learning each day in the classroom.

    Students from middle school and beyond benefit from the Parker River Tutoring approach. We create a custom tutoring plan specific for each student encompassing their academic level, learning goals, and any neurodivergent needs they may have in order to build confidence and achieve academic success for your student.

  • In subjects where students struggle frequently, they may need continual weekly assistance. However, in subjects where they are normally strong, students may need a few sessions to regain their footing.

    One-on-One + Group Sessions available.
    Sessions are usually 45-minutes to 1 hour long.

    Parker River Tutoring supports all grade levels in Middle, High School, and College along with College Prep.

  • Mathematics

    Math classes build a foundation from year to year and if a student falls behind, often they begin to feel like they are drowning in concepts. The Parker River Tutoring team works with students in weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help identify and fill in any gaps in learning that a student may have. 

    Available subjects include Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Mathematical Concepts, Statistics.

  • Science

    Many scientific ideas and concepts are mastered through effective study habits. We help students organize information in order to develop proficiency and relate material from one chapter to the next. 

    Available subjects include General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology.

  • English

    Today written language is vital in every aspect of a student's education and communication. It is part of each and every class a student takes. We assist students by showing them how to formulate effective sentence structure, actively read and develop study techniques that will enable them to build upon prior concepts and ideas.

    Available subjects include Vocabulary, Essay Writing, Reading Comprehension.

  • History

    History requires reading comprehension and active study methods in order to grasp and retain important dates, places and names. We support students by teaching them techniques and skills in order to excel in History.

    Available subjects include Geography, World, American, European, Social Studies.

Motivation + Strategies

Academic Coaching

  • Sometimes, it is not a specific subject that is an issue for students. The Parker River Tutoring team finds many students lack core study skills, organization and time management. Through coaching, we help students develop these life-long skills.

    By teaching students these tools, not only do grades improve but also confidence builds; this increases student investment and engagement in his or her own academic journey.

  • Time Management

    The Parker River Tutoring team works to help a student understand how to allot time to studying for each subject and how to effectively manage that study time with clear goals and tasks. 

    Students learn how to plan ahead and to break up study needs over several days.

  • Organization

    We help many students learn the art of organizing materials, homework folders, and agenda books.

    The team at Parker River Tutoring can also teach your student how to create their own effective study spaces at home. 

  • Study Skills

    Every student retains material differently and it is important for students to determine how they best learn and retrieve information.

    The Parker River Tutoring team works with students to try different approaches to learning in order to assist them in figuring out their best methods for information retention. This, in turn, maximizes their time and makes for efficient study habits.

  • Test Taking Strategies

    At Parker River Tutoring, we start by looking at previous tests and quizzes to introduce students to the idea that tests can be predictable. By starting here, our team can better develop a targeted plan for academic test preparation. Tutors spend time formulating strategies for students so that they can use their time on test day to get credit for everything they know. By implementing these methods, test anxiety can be significantly reduced.

  • Executive Functioning

    Executive functioning helps people manage time, pay attention, switch focus, plan and organize, remember details, and multitask. When executive function isn’t working as it should, it can affect one's ability to work independently, to break down tasks, and, in some cases, to go to school.

    The Parker River Tutoring approach is to work with students to teach them that in order to move forward you must start by planning backwards. This helps them begin to break large tasks into manageable pieces. One example is guiding students set realistic times for how long tasks will take.

  • Understanding Grades

    Today's students have access to so many tools that assist them in tracking their individual subject grades. Yet, we still find students do not understand where grades come from.

    In order to help students feel more in control of their academic success, the Parker River Tutoring team works to help your student see exactly how their grades are made up. This allows us to then set goals to improve their academic standing in each subject.

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