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Boot Camps + Small Group Prep

Special offerings outside of our regular tutoring services.

Group Tutoring Class at Parker River Tutoring on the North Shore of Boston, MA studying for SATs.

Pop-In Power Study Group

Academic Accelerate

One hour sessions meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Limited to a total of 8 students, sessions are staffed with experienced tutors to guide students to make the best use of their study time.

While the homework session helps for what needs to be done today, the routines students learn will build their own habits and effective study routines.

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SAT and ACT Testing Group class hosted by Parker River Tutoring to help your student prep for testing.

Small Group Prep

SAT 6-Week Course

This program is for rising juniors and seniors. During these comprehensive small group prep sessions, we will cover test taking strategies as well as review academic skills in Reading, Writing, and Math.

We identify common traps and time management tips to ensure successful results.

This program is 6 classes total starting Wednesday July 17th from 5 to 7 p.m.

Student at Parker River Tutoring taking our fundamentals of writing group workshop during a summer session.

Summer Bridge to


Our Bridge programs are focused on getting students prepared for the upcoming school year by focusing on skills required for the year ahead. This boosts student confidence and helps get them off on the right foot for fall. Geometry is a different type of math class requiring logic skills and a unique set of study skills to be successful. 

5-week course starts the July 17th at our Topsfield location on Wednesdays (2:15 – 3:25 pm) with an office hour Thursdays (3 – 4 pm).

Parker River Tutoring students doing Algebra at our Topsfield location during a summer workshop to strengthen their math skills.

Summer Bridge to

Algebra I or II

These much needed bridge courses refresh concepts and teach missed math skills so students can hit the ground running in the fall and avoid “Summer Slide.” These groups are recommended for students heading into these courses in the fall. Algebra I is typically taken in 8th and 9th grade. Algebra II is usually taken after Geometry when students are going into 10th or 11th grade.

5-week small group courses start the week of July 15th at our Topsfield location, or can be joined virtually. 

Algebra 1 Prep: Tuesdays (3 – 4:10 pm) with an office hour Thursdays (3 – 4 pm).

Algebra 2 Prep: Wednesdays (3:30 – 4:50 pm) with an office hour Thursdays (3 – 4 pm).

One-on-One Tutoring session with Parker River Tutoring in Topsfield, MA

Summer Bridge to


This course is designed to polish and reinforce fundamental math concepts, empowering students with the confidence they need for the upcoming school year. Precalculus demands a comprehensive understanding of all math skills acquired in high school, challenging students to apply these concepts to more complex problems. Ideal for late high school or early college-level students preparing for Precalculus.

5-week course starts July 16th and meets Tuesdays (4:15-5:30 pm) with office hours Thursdays (3-4 pm).

Tutoring student at Parker River Tutoring on computer using her new skills to study and improve her academic standing.



This week-long intensive is for 7th-10th graders to refresh and improve their study skills. Areas of focus are goal setting, time management, study tools, and effective study methods.

4-day workshop will be held at our Topsfield location on August 12th-15th  (9-11 am).